Posted by irene , 6.12.2010 11:00 PM


I just looked on another Exchange Student's blog, and apparently the hotel we're staying in is in SHINJUKU.
...yes, that Shinjuku.

Flail of excitement!
this simply makes me hope that we get to go outside of the hotel even more ;______;

*crosses her fingers*

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Matt Says:

How are you? I'm so excited for you!
When are you leaving for Japan?
:D :D :D
(also, you have mad blogging skills xD)

Ricko Says:

you shoul really consider the time difference between Mi and CA. thanks for calling a 12 at night:P smmoooottthh.
hehe well mom and dad say hi. i am soooo bored and i need math halp. yes halp.
JK, im smart enough haha;)
dont get carpal tunnel from updating this blog. fyi.
you only got 20 followers. ;D
that is NOT a lot. lol. im being a skank. my bad.
have fun getting those frequent flyer miles. and dont barf on the plane. weird things happen when people bark on planes.
ok. remember.
(dont forget teh time difference. the turkish march ringtone at 12 wasnt pleasant >.<)

irene Says:

@Matt: I'm great XD I'm slightly jetlagged due to the time difference, but I'll get over it. (besides, I have to adjust to the like... 9 hr time difference in Japan, so that's the least of my worries :D
Leaving for Japan on monday the 14th. Aka tomorrow. Squee!

Sorry... I know :P I felt bag because mommy was very groggy.
I didn't get carpal tunnel; I already typed these beforehand.
The followers don't matter dude! It's the thought I put into it that matters ;___;
Thanks bro!

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