More updates to come later

Posted by irene , 6.12.2010 9:08 PM

UCBerkeley has... no good wifi for non students ;___;
I don't blame them for that, though. It's completely justified.

I'll be posting pictures and all that later, then. This is just kind of an excuse for my hiatus...

Today was our first full day of YFU Japan PreDeparture Orientation O___O I am writing up long posts and stuff like that (have taken at least 100 photos since I got here!) but those will come later, when I actually have a valid wifi source ;___;

Just a summary: did taiko drumming on trash cans, legit radio calisthenics, sang old Japanese boy band songs, and ate many things, such as strawberries (as Tanya is narrating to me right now)

Kaytlin and Heemy are also in this extremely overheated computer room...
I know these names don't make any sense, but I will explain later. I think. Yes. I will.

Sorry I am incoherent... tomorrow is our last full day in the US and I am absolutely sure there will be a lot to type later :D

Okay, Irene is over and out.

Ta ta for now! (says Tanya)

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