Japan PDO Day 1: Arrival!

Posted by irene , 6.12.2010 9:50 PM

Directly following up to my travel post :O

(This is June 11th post.)

After arriving at Berkeley, I signed up for two culture workshops. There were Haiku, Karaoke, Taiko, Takoyaki, and Sports Festival to choose from, but by the time I got there, only Karaoke, Taiko, and Sports Festival were open. I picked the two musical ones, haha :)

I also got my room key and a language evaluation... I had no idea it was coming o__o but I guess I'll find out how that works out tomorrow.

I also got my kumi!!
It is basically be my home group for the next 2-3 days... and I'm happy to announce that my kumi is amazing :DD
I am in 青い(blue) kumi. We have a flag that says 青侍 (blue samurai) on it! :D It's very majestic.
The other colors of kumi are 紫 purple, 刀 (katana) silver (we call them gray though XD), and 赤い red. We've already established that 青い kumi wins though.
At what, you may ask?

...you'll see :)

We ate dinner in the very spacious and beautiful UC Berkeley Dining Hall:

... in which I pigged out while somehow sleeping simultaneously.

Afterwards, we saw a slideshow on Japan in general, which made me even more excited to leave on Monday... mental convulsions of joy.

After that, I went back to my room, cleaned up some loose ends, and hit the bed :D

Exciting day tomorrow!!!

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