Lists of things to update on!

Posted by irene , 7.20.2010 7:23 PM

The title says it all!

-Tokyo Disneyland
-Asakusa/Shibuya/an onsen
-School, school, and more school!
-School swim club :D
-Visiting the Ocean
-Host Dad's company!
-Visiting the ocean again! + Shrimp crackers :D
-Japanese Chinese restaurants
-NAGOYAAAA! (with its pokemon center)
-Last day of school :(
-Nagashima amusement park >:D
-Deep host family conversations
-the mooovies
-Conveyor belt sushi!

... and much more ^__^
apologies for the lack of detail... will come when I get back next week.
Yes, I have cried. :'(

Okay, please take care everyone! きおつけてね!I will post many things soon (:


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